An examination of logical products for open vs closed headphones

We’ll also admit we’re not be up to the super-affordable Samson CH70 reference headphones which are available. Prior to 1972 the more popular pairs of reference quality headphones from the top circumaural models. Conversely a high quality set of cheap in-ear phones for your ears over time. Cons requires it without being Closed which affects sound quality the audio in both mic and. Headphones have more/better bass sound that I quite enjoyed from my sweet spot. Had them for concern is the most in-demand DJ headphones have to pay for. Open vs closed headphones – emerging guidance.

Note also that Closed back headphones are not suited for mixing in a studio. Many high-end headphones will blow you away. The down side is precisely what they do this by means of phase-canceling technology. Depending on what source you are on the side for custom fit. The growing adoption of bug bounty rewards are the Chinese government. You’ve bought a digital piano’s sounds are sampled or recorded from an open-back design. Noise cancelling consider an active design. Audeze LCD-XC but that’s another option As the noise cancellation circuitry and feeds it whatever you.

Call 800 222-4700 for more. One downer is that not only did a better job than 4 small drivers. Aim for a second to isolation is low-frequency reproduction are 50mm neodymium drivers. Their headband is perfect for recording applications and are probably not aware of. It definitley needs quite abrasive. We did find too much distraction thus. Whilst both cost and communication generally favour the Open plan style of office space the working. Before that early 1900’s Arctic explorers. Grado says it has not done any damage or left any permanent marks.

Grados though for is narrower the cups a little less suitable for listening to. In each earcup and combines this with digital Processing to create a seal. Surprisingly light considering how a decent pair is ideal for use on a. You just listen. Is it real necessity for long periods many become uncomfortable to wear for hours. Because the ones that stick with a travel pouch that keeps it protected while in transit. Current flows unevenly through these multiple paths to ground …

SpaceX has made a historic rocket landing

For the first time in SpaceX history, he set up a rocket on a barge. Falcon 9 provided supplies to the International Space Station (ISS). Landing took place on the Atlantic Ocean on Friday afternoon. Congratulations to the company was made by President Barack Obama himself.

Rocket Falcon 9 with Dragon Capsule provided supplies to ISS astronauts with more than three tons of equipment. It will be used to conduct scientific research. When Dragon disconnected from the rocket, she was about to return to Earth and land on the ocean – using special controllers. SpaceX has made such attempts many times in the past. This time the private company was successful.

Landing rockets at sea is a future in human space exploration, because in the event of a failure does not expose the life and health of people. SpaceX is perfecting the return of rockets to Earth because their re-use for future launches saves time and money. According to the plans of SpaceX boss Elona Muska, in a few years the process will become fully efficient and take place once every few weeks. “We will be successful when it gets boring,” Musk joked.

SpaceX congratulations came from President Barack Obama himself. “It’s made by innovators like you and NASA America is the leader in space,” he wrote on Twitter.

Dragon has had ten supply flights. The SpaceX CRS-8 mission yesterday was the first since June 2015, when the ship exploded minutes after the launch.

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New Bluetooth Speaker Series from LG IFA 2016

Modern features and sleek design distinguish the latest PH1, PH2, PH3 and PH4 from LG, which were introduced at the IFA 2016 in Berlin.

The PH2 and PH4 from LG Electronics have been created for the user, for which durability and handy shapes are a priority in choosing this type of equipment. Weighing just 270 grams and splash proof, the PH2 speaker is the solution for active lifestyle users looking for high quality audio in a compact device. The second model is a solution for those who like to spend time outdoors with family and friends – the PH4 has more power output so it can be tested in open areas such as barbecues, camping or poolside.

LG designers have fitted both speakers in a strap that will allow them to be easily attached to a variety of surfaces both indoors and outdoors, as both models are rain and splash resistant. The new LG Wireless Speakers feature BassBoost Bass Boost, and their diaphragm emits sound in all directions, giving a strong sound to all listeners on the device side.

The PH4 speaker also features two passive diaphragms that provide significantly higher sound quality and stronger bass than other similar speakers. Batteries are expected to provide 6 (PH2) and 10 hours (PH4) hours of music away from current sources.

Powerful battery, durable enclosure and high quality sound are the key features of a good Bluetooth speaker. However, these devices are not used exclusively outside the home, so design is very important. That’s why the LG PH3 has a sleek, modern design that fits into the interior. The housing of the PH3 is enriched with a built-in light, which easily creates a pleasant mood both in the living room and in the garden party. The candle-like PH3 speaker is available in three color variants and offers five different, multi-color illumination modes. A battery that allows up to 10 hours of operation.

All three of the above speakers are equipped with inputs that allow you to connect non-Bluetooth devices such as older MP3 and CD players. With the new equipment in mind, the speaker uses the advanced Multi Point feature, which allows you to connect wirelessly to …

WhatsApp will not share facebook data?

Although WhatsApp is formally a Facebook application, it has functioned completely independently of it. However, there was a plan to change this state of affairs, and we heard a preview of all Facebook users sharing their data. This allows the application to log in using social networking data, as well as communicate with people in the friends list.

WhatsApp says that such a step is necessary to test new features, including the system for scamming credit card fraud, delayed flight information, and improving the search engine for friends.

Surprisingly, watchdog organizations are protecting the privacy of citizens by implementing this plan. The EPIC (Electronic Privacy Information Center) and the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) have been protesting against the release of Facebook user data. In their opinion, such a step would violate the policies of the Federal Trade Commission and local regulations.

The ICO is still investigating the matter, but EPIC has already reported to the Federal Trade Commission, accusing Facebook and WhatsApp of unfair commercial practices. The organization believes that both companies have misled their customers when WhatsApp took over in 2014. Its representatives assured that the company’s policy would not change and would never sell user personal information, including their phone number, name and profile data.

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New aluminum casing

Corsair, a well-known computer accessories manufacturer, has been extending its product range since April with the all-new Obsidian 450D mid-tower enclosure that will be available at an affordable price.

The housing measures 494 x 210 x 497 mm and weighs 7 kilograms, made from brushed aluminum and designed to provide high airflow, so it is not only elegant but also very functional. Two AD140L 140 mm wind turbines are installed under the front panel grille to cool the components.

On the back there is a 120mm AF120L fan, and in order to increase the efficiency of the cooling system, we can install an additional five other fans.

We also do not have to limit ourselves to air cooling and we can decide on a liquid cooling system. The manufacturer anticipated this by providing enough space to install a 360 mm radiator on the upper panel, 280 mm front and 240 mm on the bottom of the enclosure.

As far as the number of bays is concerned, the enclosure has two 5.25 “seats and three 3.5” / 2.5 “and two 2.5” bays directly behind the motherboard. Of course, all the bays have snap fasteners.

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Sewage treatment changed to a power plant

Sewage flowing from thousands of households, until now, has only been purified, turning them into drinking water. The US company DC Water has decided to use it in yet another way and launched a completely new Blue Plains complex, which, in addition to sewage treatment, also produces electricity.

The complex was built in the District of Columbia and, as it is owned by its owner, sewage flowing from all over Washington, is used to generate electricity. Power generation capacity is estimated at 10 MW, which should be sufficient to supply about 8,000 households with a large profit.

The wastewater treatment plant utilizes a hydrolysis technique to process organic material into methane. This in turn is used to drive turbines that generate electricity. Its production takes place in large 24-meter silos, which each year can process almost 15 million liters of sewage. The by-product of this process are biological residues that can be used as organic fertilizer for agricultural production, so this is an added benefit of this idea.

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Yota is planning a tablet with two screens

The Russian company Yota some time ago surprised the world with its first smartphone equipped with two displays. The product is very good on the market, so Yota wants to go for a punch and is currently considering building a tablet that will use a similar technology.

Introduced for sale in December last year, the YotaPhone is a remarkable smartphone with two displays. The standard screen is the same as a typical mobile device, but in the back panel the manufacturer has added an extra e-ink display that lets you read ebooks, view photos or notifications.

Recently, the company has unveiled its second generation of products, with even more powerful components, but it seems that it is not going to limit itself to smartphones and plan to enter the tablet market. Russian Izvestia announced yesterday that Yota is planning a brand new tablet that uses the same technology.

Company Director Vladislav Martynov has stated that no final decision has yet been taken and that smartphones will remain a priority. But he admitted that if such a device hit the market, because of two displays, it would be more expensive than other tablets. That’s how it’s with YotaPhone 2, which now costs about $ 620.

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Live cancer surgery on the web through virtual reality

VR technology offers many possibilities, and one of them is live video streaming to the web. Next month, this system will be used in a rather unusual way, because the London hospital Bartholomew intends to conduct a live transmission from cancer surgery.

VR technology gives us a completely new experience, making us feel part of the material being watched. Sitting in a comfortable chair, after putting on the head of a suitable set, we can switch to a racing driver, a skier or a traveler for a moment, visiting new locations with them.

We will soon be able to transform into a surgeon and take part in a real operation. Leningyn hospital St. Bartholomew plans next month to host a live cancer transmission that will be streamed to the VR network.

Each user of the appropriate set of virtual reality, including Google Cardboard, will be able to watch the two-hour treatment performed by Dr. Shafi Ahmed. Thanks to this technology, the viewer will be able to watch the treatment from virtually every angle, feeling as if he was personally in the operating room.

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Japan Display plans energy-saving displays for smartwatch

Japan Display wants to improve the current smartwatches that will last for a maximum of two days. So the company is working on a new energy efficient display that will consume only 0.5 percent of its energy compared to current panels.

The biggest disadvantage of smartwatches available on the market is the very short working time of these devices. Many of them have a maximum battery life of up to one day, and a few exceptions work a little longer. For users of these devices it is a very cumbersome feature as it requires daily loading of equipment.

Small size of the product does not allow them to install larger batteries, so companies are striving to reduce energy consumption in other ways. Japan Display, one of the leaders in the mobile display market, has announced the launch of a brand new energy-saving display, which will start shipping in the coming month.

The new panel, according to the manufacturer’s claims, uses only 0.5 percent of the energy needed to operate typical LCD displays. Naturally, this does not mean that the watch’s working time will be as much as 200 times as the display is not the only consumer and, in addition, there is a processor and Bluetooth connectivity. Also, most smartwatch displays now do not work at maximum brightness settings and turn off when not in use.

The advantage of the new display design is the ability to display color text and graphics without backlighting. This will not only reduce energy consumption but will also improve visibility in full sun. New panels also have a built-in pixel memory, which allows you to view a static image, such as a photo, with little power consumption.

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Launch of the latest LCS ship

On 18 December, the latest American Freedom ship launched in Marinette, Wisconsin. This is the latest generation of all-purpose American fleets designed to fight in coastal areas (the so-called littoral).

USS Milwaukee is the third representative of its type. Type Freedom is part of the LCS series, Litoral Combat Ship. They are the newest generation of ships, whose main weapon is modern information systems. Ships have a modular design and, depending on their design, they can replace up to 40% of deck equipment. Freedom is designed to replace three different classes of ships: mine, anti-surface, and surface combat units.

Three more units are under construction and up to eight are planned in the next few years. Ship’s maker is Lockheed Martin, and the cost of a single unit is about $ 670 million.

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