France replaces postmen with drones

In the not too distant future, drones will completely change our lives. These popular toys will soon be used to deliver letters and parcels. One of the first companies to use them for this purpose might be the French post office.

Until recently, unmanned aerial vehicles were used almost exclusively as toys or equipment used for shooting and filming from the air. These useful machines, however, have many more uses, and one of the most obvious is delivery of items.

Several companies in various parts of the world are testing them as air providers, and some of them are already putting them into regular use. Soon they will use the state mail in France as well. Her DPDgroup, a courier delivery unit, plans to use unpackers to deliver packages.

As part of the ongoing tests conducted in the southern part of the country, drones carry parcels of 2.72 kg at a distance of up to 15 km. For the time being, this is an experiment, so there are some inconveniences, such as the issue of receiving shipments. Customers must do this in public space, which is not particularly comfortable.

So far, we can not talk about the widespread use of drones for deliveries, but undoubtedly DPDgroup has such plans and will certainly strive to achieve them.

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Copyrigth trolling. Lawyers with objections

Two American lawyers have decided from people who illegally downloaded pornographic content from the Internet to make a permanent source of income. Now from their business they will have to explain to the prosecutor, who made 18 charges.

Copyright trolling, the phenomenon of using the penal code as a monetization tool, usually by sending massive redress requests for alleged infringement and threatening a lawsuit in the event of non-payment. It is still quite a new procedure, which, however, already in Germany, after a similar case, was banned.

Perhaps it is time for the US legal system to come up with such a precedent.

The two American lawyers did not intend to pursue pirates, but tricked them into paying for alleged crimes.

Paul R. Hansmeier and John L. Steele have purchased copyrights for certain pornographic materials and began distributing them on The Pirate Bay. Then each taker assumed copyright infringement, thereby obtaining law enforcement access to their personal data.

The next step was to submit a settlement proposal. The suspect was expected to pay $ 4,000, which was little compared to the maximum expected 150,000 penalties. dollars. Otherwise the case would hit the court. However, if someone did not intend to pay and tried to fight, then lawyers immediately withdrew the lawsuit, protecting themselves in this way before the publicity of the procedure.

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Dron google crashed into a new mexico

The Mountain View company has been working on an Internet project for developing countries for some time and is planning to use solar powered drones for this purpose. Unfortunately one of the last tests of the new technology did not end well and the machine was destroyed.

Google competes with Facebook by working on an Internet signal distribution system by air that will provide access to the network of people in developing countries. Initially planned to use balloons for this purpose, however, in April 2014, the American giant purchased Titan Aerospace, which is producing solar powered drones and has since then used the machines in its project.

Last test of the Solara 50 did not end well. The plane hit the ground shortly after takeoff, completely devastating. No one was injured, but it may have been a little thwarted by the company’s plans. The accident is being investigated by specialists, but a report revealing its causes has not yet been published.

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Smasung Galaxy S6 Edge is quite robust

Every smartphone owner is worried about his fall, because sometimes he can fall out of his hands and fall to the ground. The Smasung Galaxy S6 Edge turns out to be quite resistant to such events, as evidenced by the video showing how a woman with a lot of power throws the earth and still works.

Smartphone manufacturers focus on the design of their devices often neglect the strength, as exemplified by Apple, whose iPhone 6 was able to bend while wearing it in trousers. One of the most common causes of phone damage is to drop it on the ground. Plastic enclosures do not provide enough protection and large screens are very susceptible to damage, so most of these cases end up costly repairs.

Smasung Galaxy S6 Edge despite the screen wrapped around the edges of the case, however, turns out to be quite solid hardware. The metal frame and two sheets of glass Gorilla Glass 4 give it good impact resistance, as shown in the video network. You see, a woman with full strength throws the phone on the hard floor, and yet the equipment does not suffer any damage.

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IPAD in 4 years will dominate the tablet market?

The iPad is now one of the most popular tablets on the market. Analyst firm Forrester Research, in its latest report, is trying to convince us that by 2016 it will rule it.

The latest report says that the dominance of the iPad will be growing year by year, until 2016, Apple’s tablet will hold 53 percent of the market, despite growing competition from companies such as Samsung and Asus.

In the next five years, the global tablet market will grow to 375 million devices sold each year. For comparison, in 2011 total sales amounted to 56 million units.

The report, as Apple’s biggest competitor, points to Kindle Fire, an Amazon bookstore product, and also predicts Google and Research in Motion devices will fall victim to the iPad.

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Russian SAM missiles provide great support to Syria

They say arms trade is governed by its own rules, which do not necessarily have to do with international resolutions, and dealers sell arms to anyone just to pay.

This truth works best when it comes to supplying Syrian arms to the regime of Bashar al-Assad. As it turns out, he is with such excellent relations with Russia that Russia has signed a $ 105 million contract with him to commit to providing Syrian mobile missile launchers to Syria.

It is a S-300 system known in NATO as Grumble. The system consists of a truck with a launch platform, equipped with rockets for intercepting aircraft, cruise missiles, and ballistic missiles. The latest version of the system, marked S-300 PMU2 (NATO called Garygole), is extremely effective. Within just five minutes of launching, it is able to track up to 100 incoming objects and simultaneously attack six targets.

The Garygole system was created in 1997 as a counterweight to the US Patriot AMB missile systems. At the same time, it can fire six rockets, regardless of the height difference of the targets, and it performs well against the F-16-, F-15, F-18 and F-22, achieving a hit rate of 0.8 to 0.93 against aircraft, And from 0.8 to 0.98 against Tomahawk missiles, while the range of missiles fired is 70 kilometers.

The delivery of such Syrian missile systems could give the Assad regime a great advantage and allow him to cope with air raids on his country, thus creating a zone where coalition planes can not move without the risk of precipitation. Israel, aware of this weapon’s strength, has already retired to several F-35 Lightning II fighters.

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Autonomous taxis bring students to Korea

Several large corporations are still working on autonomous vehicles, but their prime is still at least several years old. Meanwhile, in South Korea such cars have been driving for more than six months and moreover, they serve as taxis, transporting students to one of the university campuses.

The future of motorization is autonomous cars that will carry passengers without their participation in driving. These vehicles will be available not only in private hands but will also function in public transport, for example as taxis. Such a vision is not too far off, but on the contrary, autonomous taxis are already riding and it has been a good few months.

Autonomous taxis are part of Snuber and are available to students at the National Seoule University. They are supported by a special application developed by the students themselves and function only on the university campus.

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Nanotechnology upgrades night vision

Australian scientists are working on improving modern night vision devices used by special forces. Thanks to nanotechnology they have managed to build a new model of such a device, no bigger than sunglasses.

Special units often operate at night, and in contrast to the cat, the man in the dark sees rather poorly. It also supports technology, ie night vision goggles, which enhance the light and improve visibility.

However, the disadvantages of these devices are large in size and weight. Therefore, even the top model L-3 Ground Panoramic, which was used by soldiers dispatched to capture Osama bin Laden, is not particularly comfortable.

Researchers from the Australian National University, using nanotechnology gains, have developed a new type of night vision goggles that are no larger than typical sunglasses. The use of aluminum gallium arsenide nanostructures has achieved the same effect as standard night vision, but without the need for vacuum tubes.

This makes the whole device much smaller. And while it still requires an external source of energy, it needs much less now than conventional goggles.

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Lumia 530 on first render

On October 6, Microsoft has scheduled a conference to showcase its latest products to the world. It’s possible that the Lumia 550 will also include the latest Windows 10 smartphone designed for users with little requirements.

For official presentation of this model we will have to wait a few days, but now we can see the likely appearance of a new product, because the Russian site OneTile posted its first render on the network.

You can see that the design of the new Lumia does not differ from the style that Microsoft used to get us. The phone has a polycarbonate colored case and a black front panel. It is also possible to see a flashlight for the front camera, though it may be an additional sensor.

As for the rest of the specifications, we can expect a 4.7-inch 720p screen, 1.2 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 201 processor, 8 GB of expandable microSD memory card, and two cameras: rear 5 megapixel resolution and 2 megapixel front camera. With the Internet we will connect with the LTE standard.

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