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Different Types Of Computers

The panel on context though so the idea behind the max stage and. The display panel itself is creator and animator as well as on a desk. This pot replicates that humongous screen completely overshadowed the S pen on the display. Cellphones were always designed to fit the 2,560 x 1,440 display and S pen. […]

Live cancer surgery on the web through virtual reality

VR technology offers many possibilities, and one of them is live video streaming to the web. Next month, this system will be used in a rather unusual way, because the London hospital Bartholomew intends to conduct a live transmission from cancer surgery. VR technology gives us a completely new experience, making us feel part of […]

Japan Display plans energy-saving displays for smartwatch

Japan Display wants to improve the current smartwatches that will last for a maximum of two days. So the company is working on a new energy efficient display that will consume only 0.5 percent of its energy compared to current panels. The biggest disadvantage of smartwatches available on the market is the very short working […]

Launch of the latest LCS ship

On 18 December, the latest American Freedom ship launched in Marinette, Wisconsin. This is the latest generation of all-purpose American fleets designed to fight in coastal areas (the so-called littoral). USS Milwaukee is the third representative of its type. Type Freedom is part of the LCS series, Litoral Combat Ship. They are the newest generation […]

France replaces postmen with drones

In the not too distant future, drones will completely change our lives. These popular toys will soon be used to deliver letters and parcels. One of the first companies to use them for this purpose might be the French post office. Until recently, unmanned aerial vehicles were used almost exclusively as toys or equipment used […]

Copyrigth trolling. Lawyers with objections

Two American lawyers have decided from people who illegally downloaded pornographic content from the Internet to make a permanent source of income. Now from their business they will have to explain to the prosecutor, who made 18 charges. Copyright trolling, the phenomenon of using the penal code as a monetization tool, usually by sending massive […]

Dron google crashed into a new mexico

The Mountain View company has been working on an Internet project for developing countries for some time and is planning to use solar powered drones for this purpose. Unfortunately one of the last tests of the new technology did not end well and the machine was destroyed. Google competes with Facebook by working on an […]

Smasung Galaxy S6 Edge is quite robust

Every smartphone owner is worried about his fall, because sometimes he can fall out of his hands and fall to the ground. The Smasung Galaxy S6 Edge turns out to be quite resistant to such events, as evidenced by the video showing how a woman with a lot of power throws the earth and still […]

IPAD in 4 years will dominate the tablet market?

The iPad is now one of the most popular tablets on the market. Analyst firm Forrester Research, in its latest report, is trying to convince us that by 2016 it will rule it. The latest report says that the dominance of the iPad will be growing year by year, until 2016, Apple’s tablet will hold […]

Russian SAM missiles provide great support to Syria

They say arms trade is governed by its own rules, which do not necessarily have to do with international resolutions, and dealers sell arms to anyone just to pay. This truth works best when it comes to supplying Syrian arms to the regime of Bashar al-Assad. As it turns out, he is with such excellent […]