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SpaceX has made a historic rocket landing

For the first time in SpaceX history, he set up a rocket on a barge. Falcon 9 provided supplies to the International Space Station (ISS). Landing took place on the Atlantic Ocean on Friday afternoon. Congratulations to the company was made by President Barack Obama himself.

Rocket Falcon 9 with Dragon Capsule provided supplies to ISS astronauts with more than three tons of equipment. It will be used to conduct scientific research. When Dragon disconnected from the rocket, she was about to return to Earth and land on the ocean – using special controllers. SpaceX has made such attempts many times in the past. This time the private company was successful.

Landing rockets at sea is a future in human space exploration, because in the event of a failure does not expose the life and health of people. SpaceX is perfecting the return of rockets to Earth because their re-use for future launches saves time and money. According to the plans of SpaceX boss Elona Muska, in a few years the process will become fully efficient and take place once every few weeks. “We will be successful when it gets boring,” Musk joked.

SpaceX congratulations came from President Barack Obama himself. “It’s made by innovators like you and NASA America is the leader in space,” he wrote on Twitter.

Dragon has had ten supply flights. The SpaceX CRS-8 mission yesterday was the first since June 2015, when the ship exploded minutes after the launch.

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