Daily Archives: 2017-05-04

WhatsApp will not share facebook data?

Although WhatsApp is formally a Facebook application, it has functioned completely independently of it. However, there was a plan to change this state of affairs, and we heard a preview of all Facebook users sharing their data. This allows the application to log in using social networking data, as well as communicate with people in the friends list.

WhatsApp says that such a step is necessary to test new features, including the system for scamming credit card fraud, delayed flight information, and improving the search engine for friends.

Surprisingly, watchdog organizations are protecting the privacy of citizens by implementing this plan. The EPIC (Electronic Privacy Information Center) and the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) have been protesting against the release of Facebook user data. In their opinion, such a step would violate the policies of the Federal Trade Commission and local regulations.

The ICO is still investigating the matter, but EPIC has already reported to the Federal Trade Commission, accusing Facebook and WhatsApp of unfair commercial practices. The organization believes that both companies have misled their customers when WhatsApp took over in 2014. Its representatives assured that the company’s policy would not change and would never sell user personal information, including their phone number, name and profile data.

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