Yota is planning a tablet with two screens

The Russian company Yota some time ago surprised the world with its first smartphone equipped with two displays. The product is very good on the market, so Yota wants to go for a punch and is currently considering building a tablet that will use a similar technology.

Introduced for sale in December last year, the YotaPhone is a remarkable smartphone with two displays. The standard screen is the same as a typical mobile device, but in the back panel the manufacturer has added an extra e-ink display that lets you read ebooks, view photos or notifications.

Recently, the company has unveiled its second generation of products, with even more powerful components, but it seems that it is not going to limit itself to smartphones and plan to enter the tablet market. Russian Izvestia announced yesterday that Yota is planning a brand new tablet that uses the same technology.

Company Director Vladislav Martynov has stated that no final decision has yet been taken and that smartphones will remain a priority. But he admitted that if such a device hit the market, because of two displays, it would be more expensive than other tablets. That’s how it’s with YotaPhone 2, which now costs about $ 620.