Live cancer surgery on the web through virtual reality

VR technology offers many possibilities, and one of them is live video streaming to the web. Next month, this system will be used in a rather unusual way, because the London hospital Bartholomew intends to conduct a live transmission from cancer surgery.

VR technology gives us a completely new experience, making us feel part of the material being watched. Sitting in a comfortable chair, after putting on the head of a suitable set, we can switch to a racing driver, a skier or a traveler for a moment, visiting new locations with them.

We will soon be able to transform into a surgeon and take part in a real operation. Leningyn hospital St. Bartholomew plans next month to host a live cancer transmission that will be streamed to the VR network.

Each user of the appropriate set of virtual reality, including Google Cardboard, will be able to watch the two-hour treatment performed by Dr. Shafi Ahmed. Thanks to this technology, the viewer will be able to watch the treatment from virtually every angle, feeling as if he was personally in the operating room.