Japan Display plans energy-saving displays for smartwatch

Japan Display wants to improve the current smartwatches that will last for a maximum of two days. So the company is working on a new energy efficient display that will consume only 0.5 percent of its energy compared to current panels.

The biggest disadvantage of smartwatches available on the market is the very short working time of these devices. Many of them have a maximum battery life of up to one day, and a few exceptions work a little longer. For users of these devices it is a very cumbersome feature as it requires daily loading of equipment.

Small size of the product does not allow them to install larger batteries, so companies are striving to reduce energy consumption in other ways. Japan Display, one of the leaders in the mobile display market, has announced the launch of a brand new energy-saving display, which will start shipping in the coming month.

The new panel, according to the manufacturer’s claims, uses only 0.5 percent of the energy needed to operate typical LCD displays. Naturally, this does not mean that the watch’s working time will be as much as 200 times as the display is not the only consumer and, in addition, there is a processor and Bluetooth connectivity. Also, most smartwatch displays now do not work at maximum brightness settings and turn off when not in use.

The advantage of the new display design is the ability to display color text and graphics without backlighting. This will not only reduce energy consumption but will also improve visibility in full sun. New panels also have a built-in pixel memory, which allows you to view a static image, such as a photo, with little power consumption.