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France replaces postmen with drones

In the not too distant future, drones will completely change our lives. These popular toys will soon be used to deliver letters and parcels. One of the first companies to use them for this purpose might be the French post office.

Until recently, unmanned aerial vehicles were used almost exclusively as toys or equipment used for shooting and filming from the air. These useful machines, however, have many more uses, and one of the most obvious is delivery of items.

Several companies in various parts of the world are testing them as air providers, and some of them are already putting them into regular use. Soon they will use the state mail in France as well. Her DPDgroup, a courier delivery unit, plans to use unpackers to deliver packages.

As part of the ongoing tests conducted in the southern part of the country, drones carry parcels of 2.72 kg at a distance of up to 15 km. For the time being, this is an experiment, so there are some inconveniences, such as the issue of receiving shipments. Customers must do this in public space, which is not particularly comfortable.

So far, we can not talk about the widespread use of drones for deliveries, but undoubtedly DPDgroup has such plans and will certainly strive to achieve them.

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