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Copyrigth trolling. Lawyers with objections

Two American lawyers have decided from people who illegally downloaded pornographic content from the Internet to make a permanent source of income. Now from their business they will have to explain to the prosecutor, who made 18 charges.

Copyright trolling, the phenomenon of using the penal code as a monetization tool, usually by sending massive redress requests for alleged infringement and threatening a lawsuit in the event of non-payment. It is still quite a new procedure, which, however, already in Germany, after a similar case, was banned.

Perhaps it is time for the US legal system to come up with such a precedent.

The two American lawyers did not intend to pursue pirates, but tricked them into paying for alleged crimes.

Paul R. Hansmeier and John L. Steele have purchased copyrights for certain pornographic materials and began distributing them on The Pirate Bay. Then each taker assumed copyright infringement, thereby obtaining law enforcement access to their personal data.

The next step was to submit a settlement proposal. The suspect was expected to pay $ 4,000, which was little compared to the maximum expected 150,000 penalties. dollars. Otherwise the case would hit the court. However, if someone did not intend to pay and tried to fight, then lawyers immediately withdrew the lawsuit, protecting themselves in this way before the publicity of the procedure.

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