Dron google crashed into a new mexico

The Mountain View company has been working on an Internet project for developing countries for some time and is planning to use solar powered drones for this purpose. Unfortunately one of the last tests of the new technology did not end well and the machine was destroyed.

Google competes with Facebook by working on an Internet signal distribution system by air that will provide access to the network of people in developing countries. Initially planned to use balloons for this purpose, however, in April 2014, the American giant purchased Titan Aerospace, which is producing solar powered drones and has since then used the machines in its project.

Last test of the Solara 50 did not end well. The plane hit the ground shortly after takeoff, completely devastating. No one was injured, but it may have been a little thwarted by the company’s plans. The accident is being investigated by specialists, but a report revealing its causes has not yet been published.

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