Smasung Galaxy S6 Edge is quite robust

Every smartphone owner is worried about his fall, because sometimes he can fall out of his hands and fall to the ground. The Smasung Galaxy S6 Edge turns out to be quite resistant to such events, as evidenced by the video showing how a woman with a lot of power throws the earth and still works.

Smartphone manufacturers focus on the design of their devices often neglect the strength, as exemplified by Apple, whose iPhone 6 was able to bend while wearing it in trousers. One of the most common causes of phone damage is to drop it on the ground. Plastic enclosures do not provide enough protection and large screens are very susceptible to damage, so most of these cases end up costly repairs.

Smasung Galaxy S6 Edge despite the screen wrapped around the edges of the case, however, turns out to be quite solid hardware. The metal frame and two sheets of glass Gorilla Glass 4 give it good impact resistance, as shown in the video network. You see, a woman with full strength throws the phone on the hard floor, and yet the equipment does not suffer any damage.